Hi, I'm Mashal, and I’ve recently started calling myself a writer.

I don’t like labels, boxes, or categories. So I’ll just share bits of my journey.

I’ve previously scaled a global media startup. I’m a cofounder of The Tempest, a global media company. During my time there, we built one of the fastest-growing women's media companies- our content was read by millions around the world.

I never planned on becoming an entrepreneur - I sort of fell into it, and never looked back. In 2020, I cofounded a business accelerator to support women entrepreneurs in going from early stage to revenue in 60 days. 2 cohorts later, I transitioned to a less-active role as a program mentor.

Last year, I started working as an EIR at a femcare startup in the Middle East. I also started working in the VC space, and started my consultancy.

I’ve always loved writing, but recently committed to writing more of it. I enjoy peace, good conversations, and a slow life. My corner of the internet is kind, curious, and often learning and unlearning.

What I consult on: scaling, building audiences, meaningful growth
What I speak about: I’m introverted but I sometimes speak on topics like entrepreneurship, media, and tech. I’ve given two TEDx talks. Here’s a full list of speaking details.
What I’ve co-authored: The Possibilities Project book, and a research paper about challenges faced by female entrepreneurs.

Oh, and I love Lord of the Rings.

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🌈✨Writer by passion. 3x entrepreneur by experience. Techie by education. Past lives: scaled startups, revenue, growth, and communities. Living/ loving/ being 💝 #ForbesUnder30