This is a piece I wrote about community building on Mirror. It's a bit different from my usual posts, but I'd love to consolidate my publishing and…

February 2023

It’s been a few months since I’ve shared anything here. A few weeks ago, my dear friend Bea asked me if I’d written anything for my newsletter and how…

October 2022

My first big developer's conference and why it meant so much to me.
I’m really candid about things. I don’t sugarcoat things anymore. Of late, I’m just super straight forward about my own journey too. I’ve gone through a…

September 2022

Hopefully the first of many updates

June 2022

and how I'm building my weekly writing habit

April 2022

Why I haven't written as much in the last few weeks and what's worked for me

March 2022

if you're struggling with journaling, this one's for you

February 2022

Instead of struggling or forgetting every day
and why my lounge is an amazing space

June 2021

I’m a hopeless romantic when it comes to the dark. There’s something so exciting, so intriguing once it’s darker. Any plan at night feels like an…

June 2020

I'm finally going to talk about it.